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Audience raves about 7 by 1 Samurai

Why bring David Gaines to your venue?

Whether you choose to bring the multi-award-winning
"7 (x1) Samurai"
or the brand new
"A Little Business at the Big Top",
it will be good theatre, good business, and a topic of conversation for days afterward.

Good Theatre

Read the reviews.  It’s a style and quality of theatre that is in a class by itself.
Virtuosity. In the tradition of the great mimes, the great clowns. 
Clever, beautifully executed, breathtaking and fun. 
That is the epic thrill ride of the ridiculous and the poignant that is
a David Gaines Performance.

Good for you

Solo performers have always been an economical choice for theatre producers.
And these shows - despite the small cast - provide the spectacular feel and sweep of a cinematic epic,
with lovable characters (good and bad), comic cartoonish idiocy,
and a gripping life-and-death plot that culminates in spectacular climactic fight scenes!

"7 (x1) Samurai" or "A Little Business at the Big Top"
are both a lot of spectacle in a small package!

Good for Audiences

Simple energetic storytelling performed with deft and time-honed skill. Engaging the audience's own visual imagination.  It is a unique experience of theatre, and so rare, that they can’t stop talking about it as they come out of the theatre.  For them, it is a memorable event. 
And it is you they will have to thank.  

Email today, to fill a theatre of 50 seats to 500 with happy people. 


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