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Audience raves about 7 by 1 Samurai

David Gaines

a brief biography:

David Gaines is an actor and director who specializes in movement, mask, improvisation, commedia, and clown.  He studied for two years at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France, after which he formed The Moving Picture Mime Show - a very successful theatre company based in London that toured Europe and the world for 10 years.  He then accepted M. Lecoq’s invitation to join him on the faculty of the Ecole Lecoq as a professor of mask and movement.

Since leaving Paris to return to the U.S., he has taught workshops at many U.S. universities and colleges, as well as acting in plays from “Waiting for Godot” to “The Brothers Karamazov”.  He taught for three years at the graduate school of the University of Missouri at Kansas City Professional Actor Training Program before moving to the DC area.

He is currently a member of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit in Washington and Baltimore.  Based in Arlington, VA, he has co-written and directed two shows for YBY Theatre in Salzburg, Austria, and recently wrote and performed two new solo pieces for himself.  One, entitled “A Little Business Under the Big Top”, creates an entire circus, with its romance, danger, and dramatic thrills.

The other is his highly acclaimed show “7 ( x 1) Samurai”  which was voted “Best Solo Performance” at the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival.

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