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performer quick-changing from samurai mask

"...Gaines is as deft as
I've ever seen."

- Washington City Paper
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Well, let's be honest here - there isn't anything yet. A couple of ideas, some images, and some concepts for characters, relationships and interactions that would be nice to play.

I better not say more, now. Best to let it all simmer and then manifest itself int the painful but magnificent extrusion process called "development rehearsals".

If you are interested and want to be kept apprised of the progress, let us know (through facebook or the contact page on this website, and we'll let you know when things start happening faster.

And, of course, the two foolproof catalysts for developing a show are always a check and a performance deadline. Should you be able and inclined to provide either of those, the management will be delighted to hear from you.



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