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Kabuki-inspired masks by David Knezz

Audience raves about 7 by 1 Samurai
Brigand in Kabuki mask turns menacingly

credit to David Knezz go to David Knezz's website

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7 by 1 Samurai title text.

"'Samurai' Spoof Is A Cut Above the Rest"

- The Washington Post
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"...a small miracle of imagination...
part Chaplin, part Looney Tunes
and more than a little Cirque de Soleil.
Clowning, in other words, of a high order.

- NUVO Indianapolis
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performer quick-changing from samurai mask
"...the house I saw...
was packed to the gills,
laughed throughout
the performance,
and gave Gaines
a standing ovation
when it was over."

- DCist.com
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credit to Moving Picture Mime Show

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Canadian Tour Success

"...a captivating combination
of movement and sound –
absolutely refined and graceful movement,
absolutely precise and hilarious sound.
- Orlando Sentinal

Brigand chief attacks.

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